As we stated in our previous blog, Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is Important, cleaning your gutters is especially important for your home’s health. Not only does it help move gallons upon gallons of water away from your house, it also helps create a barrier to keep water and pests from entering your home. For those that don’t like getting on ladders, or have a house that’s a little too tall for their comfort, the professional gutter cleaners at Expert Exteriors in Nashville have made this blog. Here we’ll go over a few ways you can tell that your gutters need to be cleaned. Feel free to use any method you see fit to figure out if your gutters need to be cleaned.

1 – Water Spills Overbeige and white painted house with three open glass windows

Gutters are used to take water away from your house in a safe and orderly manner. So unless there’s a torrential downpour happening, no water should be spilling over the sides of your gutters. This is most likely the cause of major clogging in your rain gutters, which will cause precipitation to flow over the sides when it no longer has anywhere to go. This can be due to debris like twigs and leaves, shingle erosion, or other means of sediments that pile up in your storm gutters. When water spills over the sides of your gutters, bigger problems can occur in your home, such as flooding in your basement, or leaks starting in your attic. Routine maintenance to clear these possible obstructions is highly recommended.

2 – Gutter Sag

Sagging is never a welcome sign. It’s always a sign of aging and potential problems that may be arriving soon. Another big indication of blocked gutters is when they sag or seem like they’re breaking apart from your home. This is also caused by debris build up in your gutters, so things like pine needles, leaves, grit from your shingles, and anything else that may have found its way into your gutter system. When the weight from this debris gets to be too much, your gutters will sag and bend. This can cause damage to your roof, which may allow water and pests to enter your home and cause even more damage. Help your entire home by getting your gutters cleaned by a professional.

3 – You See Pests In/Around Your Gutters

Pests, like mice and various insects, often times find your gutters to be the perfect spot to build their homes in. Since the area is enclosed, many pests feel safe and secure within the confines of your gutters. Sometimes bigger animals, such as birds, possums, and snakes may even try to move their way into your gutters. When it rains, these nests will cause clogging in your gutter system, which will cause damage to your gutters like possible sagging or breaking. Having your gutters checked on a regular basis will determine whether or not pests are using your home as their own.

We hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful. If you’re looking for the best gutter cleaning in Nashville, then Expert Exteriors is ready to help you. Learn more about Expert Exteriors, see what kind of gutter services we can offer you, or contact Expert Exteriors today to answer any questions.