How new are your gutters? Since they aren’t a major concern in your day to day life, you may not have a definite answer. However, the gutters on the side of your house are a vital piece to your home’s overall health. They provide many services and functions that keep your house, from the attic to the foundation, safe and secure. In today’s blog, the professional gutter installation company at Expert Exteriors will go over a few tips you can use to see if it’s time to get new gutters on your home. If you notice your gutters have one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to call your local gutter repair company to come and inspect your home’s gutter systems.


Leaks are never a good thing, especially in cups, pipes, and boats. So, if you’re noticing leaks somewhere in your home’s gutter system, it may be time to finally replace them. Leaks can be caused by a number of different instances, all of which spell problems for your gutters and your home. Pests, such as rodents or insects, can live in your gutters and build nests. These nests can contain organic material or chemicals that will slowly break down your gutters. The chemicals in pests’ droppings can also work to break down your gutters. Falling debris can hurt your gutters as well, either from physical damage or by breaking them down with chemicals. The natural weathering of your gutters over time can also cause holes and breaks to form, which lead to leaks in your gutters.

While some leaks can be easily patched, if your gutters have multiple leaks, then it may be time to completely replace them. If your gutters are older and only have a handful of leaks, it still may be better to replace your gutters as simply patching them will only be a temporary fix, and you may pay more money in the long run than you would if you replaced your gutters from the start.

Warped Gutterswing,wood,roof,beam,outdoor structure

While warped gutters may not always be easily fixable, they are easy to notice. If parts or large sections of your gutters are bent or out of position, then you have warped gutters. This can happen from a number of factors, all of which usually have to do with weathering and the elements. For instance, extreme temperatures can cause your gutters to expand and contract, eventually making them warp. Constant or sudden impact from debris can also cause your gutters to warp. Likewise, natural weathering can weaken the structure of your gutters and the fasteners that keep them in place, which will allow them to move and shift.

Like leaks, warped gutters can be fixed if there isn’t too much damage and the life of your gutters are relatively new. If your gutters are older and there is extensive damage to most of your gutter system, then it may be time to completely replace them. Warped gutters can cause problems for your home, from the top to the very bottom, so having them inspected by a professional as soon as possible is highly advised.

Sagging Gutters

Much like warped gutters, sagging gutters can be caused by several different factors. A large accumulation of debris over time and an inability to move water, can weigh your gutters down and force them to sag and break away from their bearings. Again, like warped gutters, extreme temperatures can cause your gutters to expand and contract, and eventually the gutters will break apart from their fasteners. Unfortunately, poor installation may also be a factor if your gutters are sagging, but using a credible gutter installation company can prevent this from happening.

Most of the time with sagging gutters, all you really need to do is replace the fasteners that held them in place. However, in other cases, especially if your gutters are up there in age, you’ll need to replace sections or the entire gutter system of your home. Calling an experienced gutter replacement company to inspect your gutters will help you get to the bottom of your gutter problem in no time.

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