For over half a century, Americans have been decorating their houses every December to commemorate the coming of the holiday season. One of the most popular ways we’ve done this is to put up lights and other fun objects on the outside of our houses for everyone to see and enjoy. Some of us, though, always seem to have trouble lighting up our houses come the holidays for one reason or another. That’s where Expert Exteriors, the best gutter repair and replacement company in Nashville, comes in to help. In today’s blog, we’ll go over the best path to take when you go to tackle your outdoor holiday decorations this December. By the end, you’ll have a solid strategy you can use to make your light display the envy of all of your neighbors. Keep reading to learn how to properly hang your home’s holiday decorations.

1 – Have A Plan

Whether you’re a holiday-decorating pro or a light-hanging rookie, it’s always smart to hash out your plan of attack before you start. Go through your collection of holiday decorations and decide which ones you’re going to be using on the outside of your home this year. Go outside and see where in your yard or on your home you’d like to place certain objects. Go through your supplies and make sure you have enough extension cords, outdoor surge protectors, stakes, and light clips. This way, when you’re ready to start moving everything, you’ll already know where you want to put it rather than bringing the decorations outside and moving them a bunch.

2 – Test Your Lights

After you have a plan, but before you start moving decorations outside, make sure everything works. Inspect cords and plugs to make sure they’re intact and safe to use, then plug them in to make sure all of the lights still do their job. If lights on a certain decoration don’t work, try replacing the fuse, which are those small, canister-looking objects included in the little baggy of spare parts that came with your light up decoration. If some of the lights go on but others don’t, it may be that one of the lights in the strand has gone out. Simply find the problem bulb and replace it with a new one to have your decorations twinkling like new again. Also, be sure to test any and all equipment you’re going to be using along with your lights, such as extension cords, surge protectors, and splitters.

3 – Get Your Hands Dirty

Now that you have your plan and know what you can use, you can finally start placing your decorations outside. Be sure to do bigger things, like inflatables or figures, first so you’ll know exactly how much space you have for the rest of the decorations. If you’re using a ladder to put decorations on your roof or gutters, make sure you have a spotter or someone to help hold your ladder and guide you as you place things. And always be sure to use light clips to affix holiday lights to your gutters; never use staples, nails, or screws as they can cause major damage to your home gutter system as well as your decorations. Once you have everything thing set up and tied down, plug it all in and take a step back to view your handiwork.

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